The Beauty of Pinup and Commercial Art

This is a blog about men and women as seen throughout the history of advertising and pinup art. Art has always reflected the distinct diversity and beauty of both sexes respectively. Just as there is a moon, there is a sun, a night and day, cold and hot...male and female. It is the very sustenance of Nature.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Modern Day Beauties

This is a new part in my blog about the return of rounded curves back into our culture. Not so long ago, in the 70's and 80's, the fashion and beauty trend was towards thinness and the absence of curvy angles in women's body shape. A lot of us remember the Jane Fonda strenuous workouts, which now many experts feel were counterproductive to fitness in the first place. In the early 90's this trend began to change with models like Pamela Anderson above who became famous with the hit TV series, Baywatch. She later posed for Playboy and her career has been very busy ever since. Pamela herself has gone through various mammaplasty procedures, better known as breast augmentation surgery, to enhance her curvy figure. Mammaplasty is a growing and very popular procedure worldwide. Most of the time is not covered by health insurance nor government benefits, and so many women of lower income spend time saving money for this procedure. Now, many teenage girls are also following this trend fearing not being sufficiently attractive to the opposite sex. We are all bombarded by the beauty industry to fulfill aesthetic goals. Men spend money in gyms working out to look stronger and squarer. Women go to gyms but to tone their muscles and figure. According to some scientists, like Dr. Louann Brizendine, a neuro-psychiatrist, these differences are generated not by the media, but the brain. The evolutionary process of the male/female brain have culminated in these differences. Men pay attention to a woman like Pamela, while women are attracted to a tall, strong-shouldered man like the one pictured above. This doesn't mean that we will all marry these archetypes, but very deep in our brain wiring we look towards these ideal male/female symbols for mating.


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