The Beauty of Pinup and Commercial Art

This is a blog about men and women as seen throughout the history of advertising and pinup art. Art has always reflected the distinct diversity and beauty of both sexes respectively. Just as there is a moon, there is a sun, a night and day, cold and hot...male and female. It is the very sustenance of Nature.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

The same resolve continues today...

The clothes and the attitudes have changed. The world is vastly more complex in terms of technology and opportunities, but the essences haven't changed. These women pilots are equally determined as their World War II sisters in fighting for the same causes, however debatable that may be today. Nor the uniforms or military hardware rob them of their basic feminine self which is still evident in their smiles and movements. These women fliers have succeeded in fulfilling their human potential, each day risking their lives and playing with death. If there is any time to pay tribute to them is during this Memorial Day weekend when we take over the roads with our cars. However, we should pay tribute to them everyday as they flourish through their every acts of courage.


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