The Beauty of Pinup and Commercial Art

This is a blog about men and women as seen throughout the history of advertising and pinup art. Art has always reflected the distinct diversity and beauty of both sexes respectively. Just as there is a moon, there is a sun, a night and day, cold and hot...male and female. It is the very sustenance of Nature.

Monday, May 26, 2008

A GREAT Pinup website & blog

I highly recommend all pinup lovers to check out Kitty du Vert's beautiful, classy and blast from the past website on all things pinup. Kitty uses her unique insight and perspective from someone who not only loves the style but also lives it in real life. Kitty even gives advise for all those wanting to live this lifestyle as well. Sit back, kick off your shoes, put on your favorite music and check out Pinup Tales. You won't be disappointed!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Kim Kardashian

Who is Kim Kardashian? Nowadays she's known for her hit TV reality show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians on the E! Channel. She is the daughter of the late Robert Kardashian Sr., a top lawyer who defended controversial figures like O.J. Simpson in high profile cases.

Kim is a gorgeous woman with sculpted curves which no doubt gets plenty of attention wherever she goes. Aside from being a savvy businesswoman and entrepreneur, she has that alluring sexiness that almost crosses the line into the adult entertainment industry. As a matter of fact, Kim has already posed for Playboy and a spicy video of her with her boyfriend making love was distributed over the internet. In this sense, she is not pinup material, because pinup makes us think about all the naughty possibilities without doing anything. However, her body has classic curves which are returning as the must look to have. After Jennifer Lopez successfully introduced her Latin curves, many women have wanted to follow this trend, including other famous actresses like Cameron Diaz, who recently stated she wanted a bigger rear. All this goes back to the inherent differences between men and women. Despite having successful careers and more freedom of choices, women don't want to lose that which at the end of the day makes them feel who they are as women: femininity however you want to describe it. These physical attributes, that Kim Kardashian enjoys is what part of the whole package that makes a woman feel complete. Guys, on the other hand, will hit the gym to widen their chest and shoulders. This is what gives guys that confident edge. At the end of their day, they also feel more complete as men even if they're changing diapers.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Modern Day Beauties

This is a new part in my blog about the return of rounded curves back into our culture. Not so long ago, in the 70's and 80's, the fashion and beauty trend was towards thinness and the absence of curvy angles in women's body shape. A lot of us remember the Jane Fonda strenuous workouts, which now many experts feel were counterproductive to fitness in the first place. In the early 90's this trend began to change with models like Pamela Anderson above who became famous with the hit TV series, Baywatch. She later posed for Playboy and her career has been very busy ever since. Pamela herself has gone through various mammaplasty procedures, better known as breast augmentation surgery, to enhance her curvy figure. Mammaplasty is a growing and very popular procedure worldwide. Most of the time is not covered by health insurance nor government benefits, and so many women of lower income spend time saving money for this procedure. Now, many teenage girls are also following this trend fearing not being sufficiently attractive to the opposite sex. We are all bombarded by the beauty industry to fulfill aesthetic goals. Men spend money in gyms working out to look stronger and squarer. Women go to gyms but to tone their muscles and figure. According to some scientists, like Dr. Louann Brizendine, a neuro-psychiatrist, these differences are generated not by the media, but the brain. The evolutionary process of the male/female brain have culminated in these differences. Men pay attention to a woman like Pamela, while women are attracted to a tall, strong-shouldered man like the one pictured above. This doesn't mean that we will all marry these archetypes, but very deep in our brain wiring we look towards these ideal male/female symbols for mating.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Business is back!


Delta Airline's inboard safety video has proven very successful and popular. The "star" of the video is Katherine Lee, a flight attendant with more than 10 years experience in the business. She currently trains new future flight attendants and loves her job. Katherine says she always wanted to be in this video, but she didn't expect the attention it has generated.

Why all the attention? It's the overall body language Katherine Lee uses to delivers the lines. I don't think it was intentional, simply the way she is: naturally sexy and definite pinup material from the old days. She exudes a confident, sexy attitude throughout the video culminating in the now famous finger wiggling "no smoking" clip. Katherine demonstrate a very professional attitude towards her job while not forgetting to be playful and even flirtatious. This is a very fine balance few can achieve, but obviously Katherine is a natural.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

The same resolve continues today...

The clothes and the attitudes have changed. The world is vastly more complex in terms of technology and opportunities, but the essences haven't changed. These women pilots are equally determined as their World War II sisters in fighting for the same causes, however debatable that may be today. Nor the uniforms or military hardware rob them of their basic feminine self which is still evident in their smiles and movements. These women fliers have succeeded in fulfilling their human potential, each day risking their lives and playing with death. If there is any time to pay tribute to them is during this Memorial Day weekend when we take over the roads with our cars. However, we should pay tribute to them everyday as they flourish through their every acts of courage.

The tribute continues...

The poster illustrations above are from the World War II era when every man and woman were needed to fight the menacing Fascist regimes in Europe and Asia. The posters depict a very feminine woman, yet one whose resolve is strong and unwavering against an enemy who threatens basic values of justice and freedom. Her strength and determined will lies on her words, "...this is my war, too." Here we see that, although different, femininity is just as strong as masculinity in its own way.

Friday, May 25, 2007

A tribute to all women in the armed forces, past and present

During this Memorial Day weekend, we should not only remember all the men who have died in past wars and are currently involved in present wars, but also let us not forget the great sacrifices of women past who served in the armed forces and if we can't agree on the politics of current conflicts, whether in Iraq or Afghanistan, at least let us support not only the brave men who risk their lives, but also the women who have proven their worth in and out of battle.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

It's cooler inside...

This is a 1954 ad for Arrow shirts. Here we see the divide between the male and female worlds, clearly defined by the opened house door running down the middle of the picture. On the left is the home, with the woman in charge, having the kids and everything under her control. She is thoughtful, caring and ready to give comfort to those she love most. On the right, we see the man of the house headed to his domain. It is obviously a hot summer day as he dries the sweat off his forehead with a handkerchief. He's been out there, working hard, making a living to support his wife and children. The wife is aware of all he does to support them, she's conscious of his hard work and responsibility and now she wants to surprise him with...Arrow shirts. Clearly, the advertisers wanted to sent the message that an Arrow shirt is for the real man who knows how to take care of his life and the lives of others. He deserves to be rewarded with a nice house, a good wife and two beautiful children, here represented by a boy and girl symbolizing the balance of the sexes.

The wife is smiling imagining his reaction when he comes through the door and is surprised with the shirts. Although it may be well meaning, in my opinion this ad doesn't make much sense. The ad suggests it is very hot outside. I don't think this man is really looking forward to be surprised by shirts, but rather a very nice, ice cold drink instead! The ad puts the wife in an absurd position. It stretches the reality that Arrow shirts will keep you cool on a hot summer day.

Nevertheless, the ad does work in emphasizing the differences between the male and female world.