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This is a blog about men and women as seen throughout the history of advertising and pinup art. Art has always reflected the distinct diversity and beauty of both sexes respectively. Just as there is a moon, there is a sun, a night and day, cold and hot...male and female. It is the very sustenance of Nature.

Monday, April 30, 2007

The end of the road

This is a 1953 ad for Seiberling Rubber company. Frank A. Seiberling, who started this company in 1921, was also founder of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company in 1898. He was a brilliant innovator who cared for his employees health and work environment. Among other innovations, he introduced the tire making machine and the detachable wheel rim.

As we can see from the picture above, something has gone awry. This couple's road to happiness has hit a painful snag. They're all dressed up, no doubt on their way to an important social event, and here is the car being towed away instead. He should have used those Seiberling tires!

This ad presents us with a totally different dynamics between the man and the woman. She is clearly taking control of the situation by blaming him for the accident. After all, it's his car, he should have known better and take responsibility for what he owns. How can she trust him now? Her physical stance is hawkish with her head inclined aggressively forward as he hunkers down trying to escape her criticism by looking at the tire for possible answers of just what went wrong. He's humbled, angry at himself and will look for away to regain control of the situation. For now he has to face his own incompetence, hopefully learn from the bitter experience and move on. The service man in the foreground just does his job not interfering into the affairs of the couple. He's part of another world, a 24 hour service taking care of car wrecks. He is the one who picks up the pieces when things go wrong in the road. Always someone else in society has to take care of the mess that others get into.


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